some system stuff

Dialogue key

Tearoom (Goddess Gang/them dang meddling meguca)
🍵Bambi Hart
🛡️Evelyn Cosmin
🐬Lilian Cosmin
🎃Feliciano Caro
🎵Sophie Wellscott
🎀Angel Gluskin
🦋Clipse Calamis
🏹Simon Fowler
🦉Jaiden Scribes

Those who the host has met personally
🐲Diable Caro
🦇Adam Sobol
🤺Damien Regnoir
⛵Gulliver Dyson

Those who we know exist solely from secondhand knowledge
🦌Olseyn Valentino
🌞Esmeralda Caro
😺Casper Gallagher
🔬Rowan Delancy
🃏Delilah "Callie" Gage
🔭Estela Caro
🥊Sangria Caro
🌿Gema Caro
👒Martha Cheshire
🐌Sadie Sobol
🐙Kelsie Cosmin
💌Annalise Tupperman
🧤Yuri Sobol (dfDFDLSKFJ NOT THAT yurie, this is Adam's brother)
👔Eddie Gluskin
🕶️Dominic Stiles
💊Wayne Stiles

Honestly, there's more but. hhhhhhhhhhh
only the heros and allies listed, villains banned from the chat YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE >8[


*also goes by "Medusa" and "Alastor"

"The body doesn't forget."
"Power and love to you!"
"Heart Kettle! Make me a hero!"
"Uhhhhh that sounds like a you-problem, not a me-problem."
"I've been dead for 4 slutty, slutty years."
"My head is full of jokes and my heart is full of pain - and my mouth is full of snakes!"
"Men like us exist to teach men like that a lesson."
"You think she's bad for me? I mean... I don't see what you see but maybe it's cuz I'm wearing her cologne."


  • matcha, lofi music, future funk, and Russian hardbass, Halloween, the forest, archery, mori kei, cotttagecore, classic lolita, helping people, making people happy, laughter, vegetables, sex positivity, SuperMega, Polygon


  • system host

  • the original system magical boy - final form is an incubus

  • revenant

  • femboy cottagecore

  • emaciated and fucking hates it

  • adamant cisheterophobe

  • unhinged on the inside; basically a femboy sequel to Filthy Frank

  • got into a notable argument with a friend over brass knuckles vs knives (he clearly took the side of brass knuckles, ofc)

  • would love to work in a garden shop for life

  • eats TERFs for breakfast and chasers for second breakfast

  • takes 10 psychic damage everytime he thinks about Micolash's death


"Follow your heart, and victory is secured."
"And a knight... follows her Lady... to the END!"
"I fight for the one who I owe everything, the one who saved me! For love!"


  • hot cocoa, Fall Out Boy, Princess Mononoke (movie), their day job, insight, friendship, sex, sparring, swing dance, punk rock music, fruits


  • fraternal astral twin of Bambi

  • cofronts the most

  • T H E M B O

  • plays paladin (as in the class)

  • Mafia Werewolf

  • demands Princess Mononoke for Ghibli Night

  • in terms of being given a concrete form, they were the last to get that

  • has no life goals - and is totally happy despite that

  • flirts all around but can't get any besides Lila and Gulliver

  • ass fiend


"I fight for Starton, for all of them! To fix this horrible timeline and give them a happy ending, a future worth fighting for!"


  • owls, pelicans, forests, archery, reading, a good quill and ink set, Max Caufield memes


  • gatekeeper DM/Dungeon Master/Dream Master

  • has one of the most confusing personalities of all of us; in reality he's a cut-and-dry DM, but in narrative he's shaky and anxious

  • secret salt


*also goes by "Micalash"/"Micah"

"I fight for truth! For a truth that everyone has forgotten but everyone should know!"
"Girl, you made the right mistake, choose me."


  • light coffee, suits, the beach and ocean, sex, water magic, oration, ball point pens, the kazotsky kick meme, piano music (reminds her of how Damien plays piano), Homura memes, Ashe OW, taking care of people, family, research, singing, oration, kinky jokes, the ritual bath hall, teamwork


  • the only one of us to have achieved a full permanent transition (supernaturally, but still)

  • eldritch entity with a bangin personality

  • plays cleric or warlock

  • mom friend

  • keep her away from Lush, she'll pocket all the bath bombs

  • tops represent


"Heretics never die."
"I fight for myself! To lift myself from this curse and right my wrongdoings!"


  • horchata, goth stuff and glam goth, DnD, lingerie, poetry, dance, gardening, dragging Overwatch, concealable knives, vampires


  • started as a persecutor, but is now a friend

  • used to insist "I'm not a hero," still does sometimes

  • plays wizard or rogue

  • notably screamed "I'M A PUMPKIN" while Bambi tried to figure out what plant to put on his magical girl outfit

  • has officially quit smoking and thanks Evelyn for it ^_^


"Excuse me, excuse me! My girl and I have front row seats... to your DEATH!"
"I fight for what's right! For the voiceless and defenseless!"


  • pink boba, Korean rap, dva OW, cosplay, yanderes, her seamstress apprenticeship, pastels, Christmas, bloodshed, cosplay, video games, arcade aesthetics, guns, social media, rap music/k-rap, green spiders, anime, Nicki Minaj, youtube crimes, Val outlast, Trevor Phillips


  • cosplay icon

  • Insta famous

  • gamer

  • possibly draws manga art, but there isn't enough evidence to support that. This would make her the second artist of the Goddess Gang, next to Bambi.

  • would play barbarian, if she didn't dislike DnD like a total loser


“I… I AM a strong woman, but I would NEVER lay my hands on an innocent man! I WILL NEVER BECOME MY MOTHER!!”
"I fight for the pursuit of happiness! For freedom!"


  • berry smoothies, ladybugs and moths, musicals and theater, ballet, starbucks, acapella, perfume, musicals, glitter, smoothies, shiny things, the "drop my croissant" vine, that vine of a woman that couldn't on the bus yodeling


  • Flora's cousin

  • started as his half-drow entertainer warlock DnD character, but then became herself

  • pansexual but prefers the full-on rainbow flag b/c she's often kind of questioning

  • probably will play bard nowadays


"I'm Sophie, the angel sent by Virgo Leaf!"
"I fight for faith! For every corporeal will shine again and proclaim Hallelujah!"


  • red wine, skateboarding, Patrick Stump, charity, classical music, composing songs, leading Shepherd Pass’ choir, skateboarding


  • in terms of visualization/being given a concrete form, she was technically the first

  • World's Okayest Christian

  • skirts 4never, pants 4ever

  • plays bard